Beira is a single source, end-to-end, value chain solutions partner who can supply to large international buyers of professional and household cleaning products. We can help you eliminate intermediaries, stockholding, and logistic challenges. We supply unprocessed, semi-processed and processed sanitary and janitorial products, including mops, brooms, brushes, brush backs and fiber to tailor-made specifications. Retailers such as DIY stores, hardware outlets, builders’ merchants, households, and home and garden centres can purchase a range of environmentally positive wood, recycled or virgin plastic and natural and synthetic fibre based eco-products. We strive to operate in a way that sustains the delicate ecological balance of our planet. We highly value human dignity, recognizing and rewarding attitude and aptitude. We aim to maintain equality and commercial fairness in all our dealings; this is the foundation of our long-term commercial success.

The Beira Group is one of Asia’s largest producers of cleaning tools, and has been operating in Sri Lanka since 1986.
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